iOS Beta Version Out, OS Looks Promising Like Never Before

iOS 11 beta version out finally

The WWDC event happened recently and it stunned every other person. All those who were looking out for the features of iOS 11 were not only jaw-dropped but also quite elated. They got introduced to some facilities which they never even thought of. The Beta version of the OS has been rolled out and if you want to use that right away you need to actually pay 8 dollars for it. And if you do not feel like spending the 8 dollars then you need wait until June end to download it for free. The avid users will obviously go for it but some may just wait until June end to install the iOS 11 beta version for free. The eleventh version of the OS is surely going to be out by September which would be fall 2017 but before that the Apple officials will be planning on rolling out the Beta public version of the operating system. And this would be another great thing to get an insight into. Nevertheless, now that we know how iOS 11 would actually turn out to be, it seems that the operating system looks more promising than before. Several features have been unveiled and every single feature looks extremely amazing. But the one which would draw the attention would be the Augmented Reality feature. This is something extra ordinary in the iOS 11 and is quite striking. The objects will be able to relate to the outside world or the environment. And what could be more great than that? Therefore, Augmented Reality has surely acquired the most amount of great responses. Talking about all the other features of the eleventh version of the iOS, the tech experts  has actually ended up revamping Siri by making it upgraded.

An updated Siri was all that the iOS users wanted to witness and it seems that their wish has finally been granted this time. Siri would also feature two all new voices. And one would be of a female and the other would certainly be of a male.

Therefore, iOS 11 surely has made it to the top list after the unveiling of the beta version. And now every Apple users would just want to download the OS and go ahead with it.

Nevertheless, the public beta version of the OS will is also highly awaited by the public. There has also been a huge upgrade in the Map Application. And even the Apple Store and the music section have been upgraded.

Apple iOS 11 is goping to be the ultimate game changer because it will be rolling out some of the most amazing and powerful facilities which the users might not have even thought of earlier.

And now it has exhilarated people more. Several of them want to know what else the OS could feature when it releases and we might actually get to see it featuring some other facilities also.

iOS is not only awaited but people are also quite thrilled to use the new features of the amazing OS. And now they just have to wait for few months to download the operating system.

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